Research Docs – Jonny [Private]


What is (can we create) a sense of place in a digital landscape?

A series of experiments and installations exploring our sense of place in the digital landscape using API (application Programming Interfaces) as the method. all contents are contributions towards Mphil.





Experiment 1a – A Single dataset representation;

Experiment 1b – Overwriting the image – Static and deconstructing the Flickr API;

Experiment 2 – Overwriting the image – Moving or the never ending film;

A reflection on the experiments.

G.R.I.E.G Exhibition

Social Clock – 2013

Square Roots (digital)

Controlled experiment 2015

Project Something Exhibition 2014 – 2016

Fleeting moments in a digital landscape (working Title);

Sources of data;

Exhibiting the installation and reflecting on the outcomes;

The Map as Art/Interface;

Designing the exhibition, Software and hardware.

Journey Making, 2014-16

A series of prints representing one persons Journey through the digital and physical landscape

Relational Aesthetics

API’s and Ethical boundaries

Place / Non Place

Research Training Plan

Conclusions and Further Work